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Shaefers Pass

Trail Camp (Usually dry); Water: spring unpurified;
Programs: Tooth of Time
Treks Camping at Shaefers Pass: 4 12 15 24 25 709
Treks taking program at Shaefers Pass: 25
Located at 8724; Latitude 36.4478 x Longitude -105.04497; Google Map
Routes to and from this camp:
Homebound Tent City via Tooth Ridge ~6.33 mi.
Crater Lake via Miners Park ~5.02 mi.
Black Mountain via Black Mountain ~4.9 mi.
Cathedral Rock Via Clarks Fork ~4.76 mi.
Urraca via Tooth of Time & the Pasture Trail ~10.32 mi.
Cimarroncito via Clarks Fork & Hunting Lodge ~5.79 mi.

Crew shot on top of Shaefers Peak Sunrise from Shaffer's Peak Sunrise from Shaffer's Peak
Tooth of Time
Side hike to the Tooth from Shaeffers Pass Camp
Hike to
The trail to Shaeffers Peack from Shaeffers Pass Camp
Shaeffers Pass Campsite Shaeffers Pass Camp
Welcome to Shaefer's Pass Camp