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Staffed Camp; Water: spring purified; Facilities: Showers (wood stoked);
Programs: Shooting/Reloading - .30-06
Treks Camping at Sawmill: 5 7 17 28 32 709
Treks taking program at Sawmill: 2 5 7 10 14 15 17 23 28 32 709
Located at 9193; Latitude 36.5136 x Longitude -105.10798; Google Map
Routes to and from this camp:
Cimarroncito direct ~4.16 mi.
Comanche Peak direct ~5.8 mi.
Hunting Lodge via Cito ~4.74 mi.
Hunting Lodge via Hidden Valley / Cito ~7.24 mi.
Hunting Lodge via Hidden Valley ~7.14 mi.
Deer Lake via Ute Gulch Commissary ~6.02 mi.
Webster Parks via Sawmill Canyon ~3.47 mi.
Webster Parks via Cito ~4.75 mi.

The view from the proch at Sawmill Cooking Dinner in front of Sawmill Sunrise from the porch at Sawmill (Best Sunrise (r))
Shooting/Reloading - .30-06
Program at Sawmill (.30-06 shooting) The range at Sawmill Shooting 30/06 at Sawmill Reloading 30.06 shells 30/06 Reloading at Sawmill Program at Sawmill (reloading) Reloading at Sawmill The range at Sawmill 30.06 Rifle reloading at Sawmill 30.06 Rifle shooting at Sawmill
Hike to
On the trail between Thunder Ridge & Sawmill
Birds on the porch at Sawmill
Staff Cabin
Checking in at Sawmill The view from the porch at Sawmill
Campsite at Sawmill Campsite at Sawmill
TABASCO water heater at Sawmill