Compare 2021 Trek 12 to 2020 Trek 12

2021 description: 'This great South Country itinerary will take you through pristine parts of Philmont with a variety of great program opportunities. Start at Rayado Trailhead where you will learn about Kit Carson and Lucien Maxwell’s Santa Fe Trail outpost. After a night enjoying the stars at Olympia, hike to Carson Meadows for a search and rescue program and learn about wilderness medicine. The next day you’ll hike through the scenic Rayado Canyon on your way through Fish Camp to Agua Fria. Tie a fly, tour Rayado Lodge, and try to catch a trout! Enjoy the beautiful hike from Agua Fria to Lost Cabins before taking a pit stop at Apache Springs to learn about the life of the Jicarilla Apache. Next, you’ll hike to one of Philmont’s newest camps, Garcia Cow, and learn about wildlife conservation and the teachings of Earnest Thompson Seton, one of the founders of the BSA. Keep your eyes peeled for the elk heard as you make your way through the vast meadows of Garcia Park and Saladon Lake. Enjoy the great views of Wheeler Peak and the range of mountains stretching all the way to Baldy as you make your way to one of Philmont’s most pristine camps, Wild Horse. Be sure to visit the homesteaders at Crooked Creek before making your stop at Buck Creek trail camp. Get your rest, you’ll need it as you make your hike up to Red Hills, one of Philmont’s highest altitude camps. The next day you’ll side hike to Mount Phillips before dropping down into Black Mountain camp where you’ll enjoy the muzzle loading rifle and blacksmithing programs. After enjoying the hike down the North Fork Urraca trail, look for the Grizzly Tooth rock formation as you make your way to Miners Park where you will rock climb and rappel. Your last night will be at Stockade Ridge where you’ll get a great view of the Tooth of Time. But first, you will complete your conservation project and have the opportunity to enjoy the COPE Tower at RMSC. Be sure to get up early on your last morning and side hike the Tooth before you get picked up by a bus from Lovers Leap Trailhead. Next Stop… Base Camp!'

Day2021 Trek 12 Campsite2020 Trek 12 CampsiteProgram Differences
1CHQ Trailbound  
3Carson Meadows  
4Agua Fria  
5Garcia Cow  
6Wild Horse  
7Buck Creek  
8DivideRed Hills 
9Black Mountain  
10Miner's Park  
11Stockade Ridge  
12CHQ Homebound