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Ponil Turnaround
Photo Credit Doug Latimer 2004; Expedition 622-H2; Trek 24
SurveyA short and hopefully not too annoying survey (one question) has been added to the home page that is required before PhilSearch features are available. The site does not store cookies, but does use your IP address to remember you participated, so as a result you will see the question again if you change network connections sorry its but one question and an important one at that, so please do the two clicks for the greater good. Thanks Jim
Short Treks (7 Day) support addedSupport for the so called 'short treks' has been added. These treks, numbered 701-715, will appear in search results. Ways to filter / limit searches to 11 day or 7 day treks will be added in the future. Please report any anomolies in the system as previously PhilSearch was limited to 35 definitions. There are quirks in the system, but it generally is holding itself together.
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